The former Indian badminton and International title winner, Nandu Natekar passed away at the age of 88 at his residence in Pune. His death was reported on Wednesday, July 28, 2021. Nandu Natekar was the first Indian to won the title of International level and he was survived by his son and two daughters in his own house.

Nandu Natekar Wiki-Bio

Former Indian Badminton Player Passes Away

Gaurav, Nandu’s son shared this heartbreaking news to the media. He said,” He took his last breath peacefully at home and we were all with him at that moment and he was suffering from illness for the last three months and passed away”.

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Along with this, Natekar’s family shared a message with everyone that with our deepest condolence, we want to inform you that our lovable father Nandu Natekar has passed away on July 28, 2021. Later, they added,” due to the guidelines of Covid-19, we are not going to having a condolence meeting. Please remembers him in your heart, thoughts, and prayers”.

Nandu Natekar Dead

The cause of his death was that he was suffering from age issues complications. When the news went viral over the Internet, India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi also tweeted and sorrowing about his death.

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Nandu Natekar was known as one of the most popular sportspersons of his time and comes to the 3rd position worldwide. He won more than 100 national and international titles for his career of 15 years. Also, he was the first Indian who won the title at the international level for India in 1956. Being a sportsperson, he was also a director of Natekar Sports and Fitness academy.

Along with this, he also won the Men’s Doubles National Championship six times, the Men’s Singles National Championship six times, and Mixed Doubles National Championship five times. He won the scholar of Ramnarain Rula College in Mumbai. While his son, Gaurav Natekar is also a sportsperson and seven-time Indian National Champion in tennis.

Nandu Natekar Cause of Death 

There are lots of records to his name including he made his space in the quarterfinals of All England Championship in 1954 and at that time, he became the first Indian to win at the International event. On the other side, he had won 12 matches out of 16 singles and 8 matches out of 16 matches in doubles after becoming a part of the Indian team between 1951 to 1963 at Thomas Cup.

He achieved the distinction in some tournaments in 1959, 61, and 63 as well. With all of this, the player also represented his country India in Commonwealth Games in Jamaica in 1965. Nandu Natekar will be remembered by his loved ones. His contribution through his sports for the country is unforgettable. God Bless His Soul.


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