Liga ABA is back with one more match of the day that will begin in just a few hours and fans are too excited to watch another wonderful battle of the teams. As we can see that the league has completed its tournament and now, it’s time for some amazing last matches that begins in a few hours. According to the scheduled time, team FMP Belgrade (FMP) and team Buducnost VOLI (BUD) will face off each other on the football ground, and maybe, this match will be wonderful like never before. We like to tell you that it was the Quater-Finals match of the league.

fmp vs bud

Let us tell you that this is going to be the Quater-Final match of the day. Those who are eager to watch this match can visit the arena to watch and the tickets are available on the official website of the league. Some of the few players of the league such as Marko Pavicevic, Garrett Nevels, Willie Reed, Vladimir Micov, and Edin Atic will be the best players for tonight’s match. You can choose players from the list and can create your own team on the Dream11 and the Fantasy app. Keep reading to know more details of the match.

FMP vs BUD: Match Details

  • Team Names:- FMP Belgrade (FMP) vs Buducnost VOLI (BUD)
  • League:- Liga ABA
  • Venue:- Železnik Hall (Belgrade)
  • Date:- Thursday, May 5, 2022
  • Time:- 12:30 AM IST

FMP vs BUD: Team Squad

FMP Belgrade (FMP):- Nenad Nerandzic, Nikola Saranovic, Milutin Vujicic, Jakob Zajc, Marko Gusic, Stefan Lakic, Marko Radonjic, Garrett Nevels, Danilo Tasic, Ebuka Izundu, Marko Pavicevic, Aleksa Stepanovic, Ranko Simovic, Nikola Manojlovic, and Bryce Tyler Jones.

Buducnost VOLI (BUD):- Edin Atic, Willie Reed, Igor Drobnjak, Donatas Tarolis, Kendrick Perry, Suad Sehovic, Danilo Nikolic, Vladimir Micov, Marko Jagodic-Kuridza, Zoran Nikolic, Filip Barovic, Justin Cobbs, DJ Seeley, and Petar Popovic.

FMP vs BUD: Team Squad

FMP Belgrade (FMP):- Bryce Tyler Jones, Ebuka Izundu, Marko Pavicevic, Nikola Saranovic, Danilo Tasic, Marko Radonjic, Garrett Nevels, and Nenad Nerandzic.

Buducnost VOLI (BUD):- Justin Cobbs, Marko Jagodic-Kuridza, Zoran Nikolic, Willie Reed, DJ Seeley, Petar Popovic, Edin Atic, and Vladimir Micov.

FMP vs BUD: Match Prediction

Finally, the tournament is about to reach on its end and it will be the Quarter-Final match of the league among all the matches. Let us tell you that team BUD has already won the last match against the team and once again, they are going to compete to each other on the basketball court. It will be interesting to watch this match because of their gameplay in their last matches. According to the sources, team BUD has more chances to win this match tonight.


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