Flog It Michael Baggott Weight Loss and Diet Plan Details: People who want to lose weight are curious to know the facts & diet they followed to reduce their weight. People are curious to know more about him and his journey and how he reduced his weight. He is one who earned fame by having knowledge in antiquities and he also appeared on Flog It. People are searching for him and want to know more, if you are here to know more about him so you are in the right place. We have gathered information about him which will help you to get to know more about him. So, let’s have a look below. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Flog It Michael Baggott

Who Is Michael Baggott?

He is a tv personality and he also has a keen knowledge of antiques and his religion is Christian and lives in Great Britain. His interest generate in studying antiques and he started his career while working as a salesperson in a shop that sells antiques while studying. When he completed his graduation he worked as a private consultant and sealed in silver antique. In 2004 he came with a wonderful show named Flog It on BBC’s antique program and he earned respect & fame from this show. In 2010 he also released a book named An Illustrated guide to York Hallmarks 1776-1858.

Flog It Michael Baggott

Family Background Of Michael Baggott

His father’s name is Mr. Bagott and his mother’s name was Elizabeth Bagott who died in 2019 after fighting cancer for a long time. He also has a sister who is working as a model and is settled in her life. If we talk about his marital status he married Elizabeth Talbot is his wife and no more information is collected about him till now. Now he has reduced the weight and people want to know his diet & things he did to reduce the weight.

Flog It Michael Baggott

Weight Loss & Diet Of Michael Baggott

His body has gained the attention of his fans and people who want to reduce their weight. Although till now he didn’t share his diet & weight loss journey on his Instagram account he is sharing some recipes and treats with his friends & fans which can help other people to reduce weight. So if you are not following him on his social media account you should go and follow him there you will get many recipes that he shared personally. He has also highlighted his food information on his Instagram. Stay connected for the latest information & updates on Business, Technology, Business, and many more.


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