The 2nd league is ready for the two enthusiastic teams of the Copa Libertadores league, Yes, it will the Quarter-Finals of the league where two teams will face again to play their second league. The upcoming match of the league will be played between team Barcelona SC (BAR) and team Fluminense (FLMI).

FLMI vs BSC Live Score

Both teams have played excellent matches in this league and reached the Quarter Final match. Which team will win today, the team will play with team Flamengo RJ in the Semi-Final match. Both teams are ready to play this match and it will be interesting to watch this match today.

FLMI vs BSC Live Score

Along with this, both teams have already played their first match of the Quarter-Final and now, it will be the second match, and let’s see which team will get the victory in today’s match and reach to the Semi-Final. Many watchers are searching for important information about the match because they are excited and want to support their teams by visiting the stadium.

So, the match will be held under the Copa Libertadores league at Estadio Banco Pichincha (Guayaquil). So, are you excited for the upcoming match because it is going to be more amazing after these two teams will face each other.

FLMI vs BAR: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Barcelona SC (BAR) vs Fluminense (FLMI)
  • League:- Copa Libertadores – Quarter Finals
  • Venue:- Estadio Banco Pichincha (Guayaquil)
  • Date:- Friday, August 20, 2021
  • Time:- 06:00 AM IST

FLMI vs BAR: Team Squad

Barcelona SC (BAR):- J. Burrai, V. Mendoza, A. Preciado, F. Leon, W. Riveros, D. Aimar, B. Caicedo, J. Quinonez, M. Pineida, L. Quinonez, B. Castillo, P. Velasco, B. Pinatares, N. Molina, G. Marques, M. Carcelen, M. Oyola, C. Montano, D. Diaz, S. Lopez, G. Cortez, E. Matinez, J. Perlaza, A. Preciado, M. Hoyos, C. Garces, and G. Mastriani.

Fluminense (FLMI):- Marcos Felipe, Muriel, Joao Lopes, Nino, Luccas Claro, David Braz, Manoel, Matheus Ferraz, Marlon, Danilo Barcelos, Egidio, M. Mascarenhas, Calegari, Samuel Xavier, Wellington, Hudson, Andre Trindade, Martinell, Nonato, Yago Felipe, J. Cazares, Miguel, Ganso, Nene, M. Martins, Gabriel Teixeira, Lucca, Kayky, Luiz Henrique, Caio Paulista, A. Hernandez, Fred (C), John Kennedy, and R. Bobadilla.

FLMI vs BAR: Probable Lineups Player

Barcelona SC (BAR):- Gonzalo Mastriani, Williams Riveros, Byron Castillo, Jonathan Perlaza, Damian Diaz, Fernando Leon, Mario Pineida, Nixon Molina, Javier Burrai, Carlos Garcés, and Bruno Pinatares.

Fluminense (FLMI):- Luccas Claro, Egidio, André, Luiz Henrique, Abel Hernández, Marcos Felipe, Nino, Fred, Samuel, Matheus Martinelli, and Yago.

FLMI vs BAR: Match Prediction

Fans are eagerly waiting to watch this match but they are excited too for knowing which team has more chances to win this match because the upcoming match is too important for both teams as the winning team will play in Semi-Final match so, as per the prediction and analysis, team Barcelona SC has more chances to win against team Fluminense because the team has well performed in their last matches which is better than team FLMI.


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