E-commerce website Flipkart’s everyday trivia quiz is now available from 26th April to win the exciting cash, Flipkart shopping coupons, and other items. You can win Flipkart vouchers and coins by answering the quiz. To win these prizes, you have to give a correct answer to each question. There will be questions in the Flipkart everyday trivia quiz that will be based on the current affair and general knowledge. It will start at 12:00 AM IST and will last till 11:59 PM IST. You will get four options for each question and you have to choose one correct answer to win the reward. The first 50,000 contributors will be eligible for the prize. Steps to participate in the Fipkart daily quiz are mentioned below:

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Winners

  • Download the Flipkart application on your mobile
  • Login to the Flipkart application will your email address or mobile number
  • Click on the option “Game Zone” where you will get another option “DAily Trivia Banner”
  • Here you can start answering the quiz

Que.1) The former Sri Lanka cricketer who is currently the coach of team Rajsthan Royals.
Ans. Kumar Sangakkara

Que.2) Which IPL team has won the IPL trophy in the year 2012 and 2014?
Ans. Kolkata Knight Riders

Que.3) Which IPL team has won the IPL Trophy in the year 2012 and 2014?
Ans. Delhi Capitals

Que.4) In which IPL season, Virat Kohli scored 4 centuries?
Ans. 2016

Que.5) Who is holding the best batting strike fee in the IPL?
Ans. Andre Rusell

These are the question which has been asked on 26th April Flipkart Trivia Quiz and the lucky one has already been rewarded for the accurate answers. To answer these questions, you need to collect data from various fields which are currently popular in the country. The IPL season is going on and each question of today’s trivia was about it. On the basis of your knowledge and interest, you can win these exciting prizes. You need to keep yourself updated with the current affairs of India and the trending news.

If you failed to win any prize then you have a chance to try your luck in Flipkart Quiz by participating in the next day’s quiz. It will enhance your knowledge and make you win the Flipkart free vouchers and many more items. You can win the vouchers if you accurately answer those questions and get eligible for the first 50,000 contributors. So stay tuned on the Flipkart application to win the Flipkart coins and coupons. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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