Who Is Flip Rodriguez From American Ninja Warrior? Father’s Abuse Story Explained: Today we have brought you news from very renowned personality on the internet as well as on other media. It is none other than Flip Rodriguez, who is a star of a sports reality show and is also one of the fan favorites. He is the star of the famous show on NBC which is titled, American Ninja Warrior. However, it is very recently when he shared a story from his childhood when the season was about to end. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

flip rodriguez american ninja warrior

Who Is Flip Rodriguez From American Ninja Warrior?

In the last season, Flip was able to make a  very sentimental exit after he recalled the story of his childhood that made the mask to be born and he wore it every time he made a performance. He shared the story of how he was able to overcome the terrifying abuse in his childhood that was due to his father. He was able to become a fan favorite as soon as he entered the show and became a famous personality. His mask had become sort of a symbol for him and was getting known among the fans.

Flip Rodriguez’s father Abuse Story

Flip is currently a 33-year-old star that featured on NBC’s show American Ninja Warrior. He had shared the events of his trauma in his childhood that he had experienced where his father had been abusing him s3xually when he was only a kid. It had left a deep impression on his mental state and it had become really difficult to overcome as it was his own father that was the culprit here. He also said that one of the most difficult things to talk about is the physical abuse you experience as a kid and when you grow up it leaves you with the fear of social contact.

He had participated in the third season of the show and had been using his mask up to the seventh season when he stopped wearing it. The mask was a symbol of hiding his fears with a smile. He wants others to be inspired by talking about the situation that makes them uncomfortable. He also wished that abuse stories may help those who are suffering from it to gather strength and be able to fight it on their own.

The revelation of his abuse was very shocking to everyone and no one was expecting that he had gone through this much in his childhood. However, he was able to move on and has been encouraging other kids to talk about it.


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