Fetty Luciano Arrested: Why was Brooklyn rapper Fetty Arrested? Charges Explained: The news is from the recent month as we received reports of an arrest of a musician in New York. The arrest came after the charges of being in association with the Hip-Hop group of the city as he was arrested at a pool party shooting at a room that had the Great Gatsby style and was happening on the Long Island’s gold coast. There were other arrests made as well where they were injured as well. But, despite that, they were taken into custody. The date of the shooting was reported to be July 10 and the place was the Glen Cove Mansion in Nassau County. The liquor license of the place was also revoked temporarily for the purpose of the investigation of the matter. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Fetty Luciano

Fetty Luciano Arrested

The charges on the Brooklyn musician of attempted murder and the crime of possessing a firearm, as stated by the Glen Cove police after they had arrested on this Thursday. There is no information on the attorney and the Glenn police have said that the NYPD was assisting in solving the case. According to the reports, there were almost 150 people present at the Mansion and they had gathered for the birthday party of Big Fendi. It is the same rapper who had made the discovery of Nicki Minaj. The party was also heavily advertised on social media platforms.

Why was Brooklyn rapper Fetty Arrested?

There was security who was injured in the incident and there were three other victims as well. The party organizers were slammed by the Gleen Bay mayor and said that the people that were involved in the violence were not from the town. She has taken a vow that, in the future, she will be limiting such sort of permits at the place. The state is in action to revoke the liquor license of the mansion. The lawyers of the mansion have also started to review the document. For now, there is an ongoing investigation and the authorities are trying to find other links. There is no more news and we will update you on the matter when we have solid news.


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