German Handball League is not going to stop itself to introduce some of the best matches of the league. Many matches have already been done and the rest of the matches will be taken place in the upcoming days. According to the sources, team Fuchse Berlin (FB) and team TBV Lemgo Lippe (TBV) will face off each other on the handball court. Both teams are ready to play their next match and in this match, we will get to see many popular and talented players who will put their efforts to defeat the rival team. Well, this is going to be the wonderful match of the day. Those who are interested to watch this match can watch this at the arena.

FB vs TBV Live Score

Through this article, we would like to provide some necessary details of the match. You can also create your team on the Dream11 app and become a part of the league. Here are some wonderful players such as Milos Vujovic, Fabian Wiede, Lukas Hutecek, Bjarki Mar Elisson, Dejan Milosavljev, and Hans Lindberg for tonight’s match. Along with this, fans can visit the arena to watch this match and the tickets are available on the official website of the league. Here are some more details are given below.

FB vs TBV: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Fuchse Berlin (FB) vs TBV Lemgo Lippe (TBV)
  • League:- German Handball League
  • Venue:- Max-Schmeling-Halle
  • Date:- Thursday, March 24, 2022
  • Time:- 11:35 PM IST

FB vs TBV: Team Squad

Fuchse Berlin (FB):- Dejan Milosavljev, Nils Lichtlein, Paul Drux, Moritz Sauter, Tim Matthes, Lasse Bredekjaer-Andersson, Jacob Tandrup-Holm, Fabian Wiede, Hans Lindberg, Mijajlo Marsenic, Matthes langhoff, Francisco Pereira, Milos Vujovic, Moritz Ende, Marko Kopljar, Ron Yunis Dieffenbacher, Lasse Ludwig, Fredrik Genz, Johan Koch, Valter Chrintz, Tim Freihofer, Viran Morros de Argila, Marc Walter, Marian Michalczik, Robin Heinis, Max Beneke, and Marian Hajko.

TBV Lemgo Lippe (TBV):- Frederik Simak, Bjarki Mar Elisson, Kian Schwarzer, Lukas Zerbe, Michel Reitemann, Andrej Kogut, Hark Hansen, Luinus Geis, Isaias Guardiola, Niko Blaauw, Bobby Schagen, Gedeon Guardiola, Finn Zecher, Jonathan Carlsbogard, Lukas Hutecek, Thore Oetjen, Peter Johannesson, Timon Muhlenstadt, Christian Herz, Andreas Cederholm, Tim Suton, and Leve Carstensen.

FB vs TBV: Lineups Player

Fuchse Berlin (FB):- Dejan Milosavljev, Mijajlo Marsenic, Milos Vujovic, Fabian Wiede, Hans Lindberg, Lasse Bredekjaer-Andersson, and Jacob Tandrup-Holm.

TBV Lemgo Lippe (TBV):- Finn Zecher, Jonathan Carlsbogard, Lukas Hutecek, Frederik Simak, Bjarki Mar Elisson, Kian Schwarzer, and Lukas Zerbe.

FB vs TBV: Match Details

Here are 18 teams in this league and every single team has played more than 20 matches. As we can see that team FB is at 4th spot with 22 matches where the team won 16 matches and lost 3 matches in this league. Another side, team TBV is at 9th spot with 23 matches where they won 10 and lost 9 matches in this league. Well, the FB game play reveals that they have more and better chances to win this match tonight.


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