The Kenyan politician who is a member of the National Assembly From Wajir, and Wajir Woman Representative, Fatuma Gedi opened up about her s3x video that was leaked in 2019 and the politician claimed to show her engaging in a physical act didn’t let bring her down in her life. Along with this, Fatuma Gedi claims that the video just was the illusions of the several unnamed male politicians who were just trying to portray her in the bad limelight and since the incident took place, her name on the stage of politics has shined brighter.

who is Fatuma Gedi


According to the latest interview, Gedo told the Sunday Standard,” Some men sat down and paid a lot of money to have that video created so that they can bring me down. There is a God above and he refused a bring me down. Instead, after that video, my star started going up”.

Fatuma Gedi Leaked Video

The legislator noticed that the clip distressed her, adding that she was worried about her children if they sees it without being aware of the context. Politician continued,” It has cost me a lot, It is not something that you wish for any woman. Every time I speak about that video I get emotional”.

Well, Fatuma has already engaged with Eldas MP Aden Keyan, Abdihalim Mohamed of Fafi Constituency, Isiolo Woman Representative Rehema Jaldesa, and her Kirinyaga counterpart Wangui Ngiric to the tape. When the video of Fatume went viral on social media in 2019, it was watched by millions of people around the world and netizens left their hated reactions over it as she is a politician.

Who Is Fatuma Gedi?

The controversy of Gedi is no stranger and on April 14, when she reached to the Parliament buildings holding a suitcase that she claimed contained a shred of evidence linking to the Deputy President William Ruto related to the land grabbing cases.Well, The parliament claimed DP Ruto during a session on Tuesday, April 12 that had dubiously obtained lands in Trans Nzoia, Taita Taveta, Wajir, and Nairobi counties.

Now, the matter of her alleged video has grabbed huge attention on social media and taking a much place. Still, many people are trying to search for the inappropriate video of Fatima Gedi but let us tell you that the video has been removed from all social media and other websites. It was leaked in something 2019 and now, it has been three years since the incident took place.


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