In India, Navratri is celebrated with a lot of grandeur. People visit their friends and relatives and sweets and dishes are exchanged. Those nine days of celebration bring a lot of joy and happiness to people. But, the problem is that people forget to take care of their health and eat without any control. They think that giving particular attention to feasting and eating an unbalanced diet for nine to ten days will not affect their health, but in reality, it concerns, and the health deteriorates.

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So, considering fasting in those nine days of Navratri can do wonders for your health. But the main thing is, fasting should be done correctly. Some eat calorie-laden food more during fasting than on regular days, and this can affect their health and add that unnecessary fat to the body. According to doctors, proper fasting during Navratri can detoxify the body and lead to weight loss

During fasting, eating Green leafy vegetables is a must as they energize the body and fill it with essential nutrients like Vitamin A, B and C. Also, people should consider eating fruits like Apple, orange, papaya, pear, and guava during fasting to bring down the cholesterol level. Also, to lose weight, one should consider drinking a glass of lukewarm water with juice of 1 lemon in empty stomach. During fasting, drinking full cream milk and preparing food in condensed milk is prohibited. Do not eat deep fried foods like pakodas and Puri during fasting. Instead, consider eating roti and food that have low sugar content.

Normally what people do is they eat a lot of ghee during fasting that leads to the addition of unwanted weight. So, consuming olive oil in place of ghee is highly recommended for weight loss. One should take lots of fluids during fastings like juices, soups, shakes, herbal teas and coconut water. Consuming more and more liquids will detoxify the body. Avoid eating lots of sweets especially from outside. Consider taking jaggery, honey, fruit cord, apple kheer, etc. Instead of eating fried potato people should eat grilled or boiled potato. So, following these food tips during fasting on will help people lose weight and feel fresh.


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