A piece of big news from Haryana Thursday morning, farmers of Haryana started their “Delhi Chalo” march from Fatehabad districts. As we all know that for a long time, farmers have been facing many difficulties and they have some demands which are not being fulfilled by the government, due to this, the farmers of Punjab and Haryana have made a beginning of March. Affected by water cannons, obstructions, and rising cold temperatures, farmers from Punjab and Haryana have left thousands of tractors and trolleys towards the Delhi capital. The police team has settled barricades to stop the activities of trolleys and other vehicles and they are also stoped to move on the Singhu border by using drones to monitor the situation.

Farmers Of Haryana & Punjab Protest In Delhi Check Images Videos Bharat Band Challo Delhi

The Haryana government has become alert in view of the Punjab farmer’s “Delhi Chalo“. The government has increased the strictness of the police along the state’s border with Punjab and Delhi. Farmers from these two states are led by the Indians Farmers Union in Delhi, they will be demonstrating farmers across the country in Delhi today in protest against the recently passed agricultural laws by the center.

As per the source, the Government employee of Haryana, as the part of Nationwide call, they have decided to go on strike. All the employees of Haryana have taken concrete steps to go on strike today under a nationwide call. Let me tell you that all these activists will protest and speak on the rights of farmers.

However, it was reported by the Delhi Police that the Delhi Rajdhani disapproved of this protest as Delhi CM Kejriwal denied any demonstration in view of the situation in Corona. Delhi Metro said in a statement that any metro will not cross the border of Noida, Gurgaon, or NCR at 2 PM on Thursday and also on the trains outside from Delhi or belong to these states will not enter in Delhi.



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