Some very engaging rumours already running on the internet. Currently, Chinmayi Sripada was trending on several social media platforms as people giving her lots of blessings for her pregnancy period. But, the famous singer, musician, voice actor, and radio jockey coming into a trend because netizens thinking that she is pregnant. When the news went viral and millions of people thinking that the singer is going through her most beautiful time and she is waiting to get a piece of good news. Now, the singer took to Instagram and clear all the fake rumors related to her pregnancy as she is not pregnant.

chinmayi sripaada

The rumors coming into existence when Chinmayi Sripada along with her husband Rahul Ravindran who is a very famous director. So, they both attending Rahul’s brother Rohit Ravindran’s wedding and shared lots of pictures on social media. Let us tell you that the way Chinmayi tied the saree or maybe due to the angle of clicking the picture, Chinmayi seemed to have a baby bump. After netizens see the pictures, they thought that Chinmayi is pregnant and everyone starts giving lots of beautiful blessings and wishes for the future life to Chinmayi. The rumors took social media and went viral very soon as the personality already very famous for her outstanding work.

Let us also tell you that Chinmay Sripada has been in the news when she named the famous lyricist Vairamuthu as a predator in the #MeeToo movement. Later, she was banned from the Tamil film Industry and lost several opportunities. Also, when she was banned from the industry, she was at the peak of her career and regularly getting much attention from the audience and huge success in her work. Recently, she appeared in her brother-in-law’s marriage and her husband Rahul Ravindran shared some pictures in which his full family standing together.

In the pictures, due to the angle of the photo and tying the saree, Chinmay Sripada appearing that she has a baby bump. When the incident going to its hype and millions of people talking about it, she took to Instagram and declined to all the rumors. She shared a very long note to all the fans and netizens, said “This is me in a medical at my wedding. I clearly have issues draping the madisar that makes it look ‘Stomach’ heavy. Or whatever you want to call it. I am not pregnant.

I am tired of these Youtube channels giving clickbaity ‘chinmayi baby bump’ crap after some photos today which just seemed like they were taken at a wrong angle. My sari was perhaps loose after a lot of walking about”. Now, the news is confirmed that Chinmaya Sripada is not pregnant even she did not plan for her first baby right now.


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