WATCH: Fake Klay Thompson Video Goes Viral On Social Media: You may have heard the story that claims the professional basketball player named Klay Thompson is banned for a lifetime but do you know who is actually banned from Chase Center? We debunked the fact that the American basketball player for Golden State Warriors named Klay Thompson is the man who was banned from Chase Center. Yes, there are various stories and rumors claiming that Klay Thompson was banned from Chase Center but the man who was actually banned was someone else. Do you want to explore further who is the man and who impersonated Klay Thompson? If, yes, then keep reading it and must take a look at the further given sections. Kindly scroll down the page. Follow For More Updates

Fake Klay Thompson Video

Fake Klay Thompson Video

As per the source, a Youtuber named Dawson Gurley impersonated Klay Thompson. Yes, Dawson Gurley who is better known as Big Daws on Youtube and other social media handles is the man who impersonated Klay Thompson and was banned from the San Fransico’s Chase Center. But why he was banned from Chase Center? As per the source, before the Game 5 of the finals, Dawson breezed past security to the team’s court. He had managed to breeze the security and impersonated Klay Thompson but after a few seconds, the security team noticed that the man who get a few shots was not the real basketball player for the Golden State Warriors. Kindly take a look at the next section to learn more about this.

On Monday 13th June 2022, the aforementioned Youtuber Dawson Gurley claimed by sharing a photo of a purported note that he received from the vice president of Security for the Golden State Warriors named Brian J. Herbert. The vice president of Golden State Warriors has banned youtube, Dawson Gurley, for a lifetime. Now he can never enter the Chase Center. Shift to the next section to read what Brian J Herbert wrote in the letter.

Brian Herbert wrote, “you entered via employee entrance without a valid ticket or valid credential for the Chase Center prior to a Boston Celtics vs GSW NBA Finals game on June 13, 2022.” The Youtuber shared a snap of the letter on his social media handles, he is facing a lifetime ban for impersonating fake Klay Thompson and entering through the employee entrance. That was the matter. Hope this article helped you. Stay tuned to this page for more such content.


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