Maybe, the fans are eagerly waiting to watch the next match that will be taken place in the German Handball League. Fans always watch the match of this league because there are many teams in this league who have been playing many matches of this league and the teams of the league have amazing gameplay to show their fans. Maybe, the craze of the handball is going to be down in the recent days, and tonight, we will get to see team Frisch Auf Goppingen (FAG) and team Bergischer HC (BHC) in this league tonight. Watchers are going crazy for this match and the gameplay is not the only reason of its fan following, maybe, they want to know which team has more chances to win this match tonight.

FAG vs BHC Live Score Dream11 Prediction Lineup & Timing: German Handball League 2021

If you are one of them who are searching the important information of this league so, you can get any type of details of this match in this article and we have mainly shared each and every update of the upcoming match that will be started in just a few hours. Well, the excitement of the fans has been increasing and you will also get to know that who has more chances to win this match as the prediction of the match has given below. So, are you ready for another battle of the handball league?

FAG vs BHC: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Frisch Auf Goppingen (FAG) vs Bergischer HC (BHC)
  • League:- German Handball League
  • Venue:- Veszprem Arena Veszprem, Hungary
  • Date:- Thursday, September 30, 2021
  • Time:- 10:15 PM IST

FAG vs BHC: Team Squad

Frisch Auf Goppingen (FAG):- Kresimir Kozina, Isaiah Klein, Janus Smarason, Josip Sarac, Jon Andersen-Lindenchrone, Nemanja Zelenovic, Tobias Ellebaek, Daniel Rebmann, Marcel Schiller, Oskar Neudeck, Kevin Gulliksen, Jacob Bagersted, Axel Goller, Till Hermann, Urh Kastelic, Tim Kneule, Maximilian Hejny, and Sebastian Heymann.

Bergischer HC (BHC):- Christopher Rudeck, Alexander Weck, Jeffrey Boomhouwer, Csaba Szucs, Jonas Leppich, Tom Bergner, Sebastian Damm, Tom Kare Nikolaisen, Lukas Stutzke, Tobias Schmitz, Tomas Mrkva, Fabian Gutbrod, Arnor Thor Gunnarsson, Max Darj, Simen Schonningsen, Joonas Klama, Tomas Babak, Yannick Fraatz, Maciej Majdzinski, David Schmidt, Linus Arnesson, and Emil Hansson.

FAG vs BHC: Probable Lineups Player

Frisch Auf Goppingen (FAG):- Nemanja Zelenovic, Tobias Ellebaek, Daniel Rebmann, Kresimir Kozina, Sebastian Heymann, and Marcel Schiller.

Bergischer HC (BHC):- Max Darj, Christopher Rudeck, David Schmidt, Yannick Fraatz, Linus Arnesson, Fabian Gutbrod, and Arnor Thor Gunnarsson.

FAG vs BHC: Match Prediction

Now, the match is going to be started in just a few hours and watchers want to know that who will win or who has more chances to win this match? Well, the prediction is here and we analyzed the previous matches of this league and it could be seen that team FAG has more chances to win this match because their gameplay and their strategies made everyone shocked in the previous matches and again, they are coming back with the same movements.


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