A new product is ready to step in the technology and explore the entertainment with an amazing surprise for Vr lovers. Its features and design is such great innovation and demand which is not fulfilled so far. Now the news is they started shipping. We are going to unveil everything about it and the latest updates regarding shipping, Price, and where you can buy it.

The $299 Oculus Quest 2 VR headset starts shipping today - The Verge

Oculus Started Shipping from today of ‘Quest 2 VR

It is facebook’s virtual reality headset, which is ready to ship to your home. Do you know? Quest 2 is the second version of its first initial model which was launch in 2019. The company started booking preorders from September 2020 on their official site Oculus.

We are glad to inform you that this time the Quest 2 already reduce previous bugs in 2019 model. They solve the weight and balance problem, as long as you pay extra $49 for an alternate head strap. Quest 2 also expands library since 2019 model launched.

The Quest 2 will replace the original quest because it comes with new features and without previous bugs like weight and balance problem. There are many other VR boxes but if a person wants to buy a VR wich doesn’t require PC. Then it is in the top place definitely and top choice of everyone.

Price of Different Variants

This Facebook’s Virtual reality box available at $299 and if your pocket allows buying this go for it. Because Oculus fix all the previous issues and bring this awesome VR in the IT market. There are two more variants for the Quest $399 which comes with 256GB and $100 which is the drop price of 2019 Original Quest.

Features of Quest 2 VR

It comes with $299 for its base variant which includes 64GB storage and on the other hand, $399 variant comes with 256GB and if you for $100 variant you will get Original 2019 Quest. Now the choice is yours. Although I suggest you pick up the $299 variant due to enhanced features and latest design.


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