Like every fantastic match, the popular Volleyball league, Brazilian Man Superliga is back with one more amazing match of the league. Well, there are many matches yet to play but this match is going to be more amazing like the previous one. The league has introduced several matches and maybe, this match will also become one of the most popular matches because tonight, team Sao Jose dos Campos (FAC) and team Guarulhos (VVG) will face off each other on the volleyball court. If you are excited about the match so, every viewer will have to wait for this more.

Most of the teams have played more than 3 matches and according to the sources, each team has played 4 matches in this league. There are 12 teams in this league and every team has performed well but only the last two team is not performing well and therefore, they are standing in the lowest ranking and they don’t have enough point to reach in the last few important matches. So, if you are also waiting to watch this match so, you will need to wait for a few hours as the match will start in a few hours. Along with this, you can watch many more matches of this league that will take place in different locations.

FAC vs VVG: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Sao Jose dos Campos (FAC) vs Guarulhos (VVG)
  • League:- Brazilian Man Superliga
  • Venue:-
  • Date:- Thursday, November 18, 2021
  • Time:- 04:30 AM IST

FAC vs VVG: Team Squad

Sao Jose dos Campos (FAC):- Matheus Winck, Felipe Cundlev, Johan Marengoni, Thales Falcao, Victor Costa, Rogerio Batista, Guilherme Alexandre, Eduardo Carisio, Raphael Marcarini, Adriano Xavier, Guilherme Emina, Vitor Baesso, Gabriel Fagundes, and Gabriel Bertolini.

Guarulhos (VVG):- Luiz Pantaleao, Ian Refuno, Sandro Carvalho, Rodrigo Telles, Thiago Alves, Henrique Adami, Pedro Santos, Renan Goncalves, Gustavo De Brito, Deivid Mota, Geovane Kuhnen, Tiago Barth, Mathaus Mesquita, Alexandre Elias, and Felipe Ramme.

FAC vs VVG: Lineups Player

Sao Jose dos Campos (FAC):- Matheus Winck, Felipe Cundlev, Rogerio Batista, Guilherme Alexandre, Raphael Marcarini, and Adriano Xavier.

Guarulhos (VVG):- Ian Refuno, Sandro Carvalho, Geovane Kuhnen, Tiago Barth. Henrique Adami, and Pedro Santos.

FAC vs VVG: Match Details

According to the latest information, team FAC is standing on the 9th spot and the team has played 4 matches and won just a single match and lost all the matches. On the other side, team VVG is standing on the 4th spot with 4 matches where they won 3 matches and lost the single one. As per the expert advice, team VVG has more chances to win this upcoming match against team FAC.


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