F3 OTT Release Date and Time 2022 Confirmed: Have you watched the Telugu movie titled F3? No, then you don’t have to regret missing this movie. Yes, we are here to announce that F3 is going to release on OTT soon. Yes, it has been confirmed that F3 will premier on an OTT platform in a few days. Many people have watched it in theaters but there are also some people who missed it because of their busy schedule or important work but now they can watch it on OTT. Now numerous questions must be popping up in your mind after reading this development. Regardless, this article is being written by us to give you every important update related to F3. Let’s first start with the star cast of F3 and after we will discuss the OTT release date of F3. Kindly scroll down the page. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

F3 OTT Release Date

F3 OTT Release Date

F3 is a newly released Telugu movie. The producers of the movie tried their hands to make this movie big by first releasing it in theaters. After luring big screen lovers the creators of F3 are eyeing to entertain every household by releasing it on OTT. The entire potential of the movie revolves around the star cast of F3. F3 staring superstars Venkatesh and Varun Tej in male lead roles while female lead roles have been played by Tamannah and Mehreen Pirzada. However, viewers will also see Rajendra Prasad in a supporting role in the film. Kindly scroll down the screen to read the release date of F3.

F3 is finely directed by Anil Ravipudi and once again he showed his talent for crafting a film decently. This movie was initially released on big screens on 27th May 2022 and now it’s time for F3’s OTT release. According to the source, this movie is all set to stream on 22nd July 2022. Yes, only a few days have been left in the OTT release of F3. Kindly mark the aforementioned date. But which OTT platform will stream F3 on 22nd July 2022? Learn this in the next division.

As per the latest report, the streaming rights of F3 have been acquired by SonyLiv. Users who have paid for the subscription of SonyLiv will be able to watch F3 exclusively on OTT at their homes. If you have not subscribed yet to SonyLiv then buy its subscription to watch F3 and many more exclusive contents at your home. Stay tuned.


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