Ezra Miller Farm Video Leaked Twitter: Housing Mom And 3 Young Kids: A video has been broken out on social media that is displaying a horrible view in which the Flash star named Ezra Miller is housing a family including three children in a disturbing environment consisting of firearms and marijuana. This breaking news surfaced on the internet on Thursday when Rolling Stone released a report for the same and addressed the matter. The Rolling Stone blamed the Flash star for hosting a mother and three kids of that lady. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller Farm Video Leaked Twitter

Since this news surfaced and came into the vision of people, this news is creating a buzz on a large scale and now it has become an interesting subject for every news agency. This is the reason Ezra Miller’s fans and netizens have gone curious to explore the story. We have mentioned and explained every imperative aspect of this news. You are advised to follow this writing till it’s not get completed.

As per Rolling Stone, the Flash star Ezra Miller is hosting three children and their mother of 25 years of age in Stamford, Vermont at their 96-acre farm. Furthermore, that farm is said to belong to the Flash star Ezra Miller and reportedly, they have been residing at the farm since April month this year. Recently a video leaked on the internet that is showing a child of nearly 1 year of age is playing in an environment that is surrounded by dangerous weapons and harmful substances like Marijuana. Keep reading to get more about this news.

Ezra Miller Farm Video Explained

Many news agencies and critics have condemned the environment at Ezra Miller’s farm where she is housing three children and their mother, they called her farm chaotic. According to the source, a minimum of eight deadly weapons are there at Ezra Miller’s farm including rifles, handguns, and assault weapons. A video is circulating on the internet that is showing a child playing in the living room where ample deadly weapons have been placed and are being shown in the video. Read more below.

According to the leaked video, a one-year-old child is putting a loose bullet in his mouth and playing with it. Meanwhile, it also has been alleged that Marijuana is also used at Ezra Miller’s farm. Rolling Stone also claimed that the Flash star met the 25 years old woman in Hilo Hawaii in the month of March. Stay tuned to this page for more details.


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