A study published in the Journal Neurology, says that the people who are getting more sun rays have a low risk of getting multiple sclerosis in life. Multiple sclerosis is the type of disease in which the body tissue of a person get hardened, and gradually damages the sheaths of nerve cells present in brain and spinal cord. The symptoms may include numbness, blurred vision, fatigue and fail in muscle coordination.


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According to the research adequate exposure to sun rays during early childhood days or at your young age reduces the risk of getting this disease. The sun rays have ultra-violet rays which may damage your skin and cause skin cancer or sunburn. In contrast to that, the same rays also help you to build vitamin D in your body. If the vitamin D is low in your body, then there is a high risk of getting multiple sclerosis.

The study of multiple sclerosis programs includes 151 women with sclerosis disease and 235 women without sclerosis disease of same age. The researchers observed that the women who got exposed to the high-level UV-B rays of the sun have a low risk or no risk of getting multiple sclerosis as compared to the women exposed to low-level UV-B rays of the sun.

You can get vitamin D from some food items like mushrooms, cheese, eggs and fish other than sun rays. If your body was getting low vitamin D, then your body is at high risk of getting multiple sclerosis and to avoid this disease you may give your body a significant amount of vitamin D.


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