France president Emmanual Macron started a fight against Islamic people’s behavior. He started a campaign to boycott to reduce terrorism in Islamic countries. there we will explore this news and you will know this news only here. After commenced a war against Islamic nations Emmanual Macron getting trolled on the internet.

Explained: Why #BoycottFrenchProducts Trending On Twitter After Emmanuel Macron comment on Islam religion

France president also mentioned clearly that there is no longer space for terrorism in this world and it is not acceptable anymore. Many other politicians of other countries have started support him for this campaign.

On the other side if we talk about Islamic country’s reaction they have started opposing France. Today there is a hashtag of Bycottfrance is gets trending on social media by Islamic regions.

Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan also criticized France president for his words on Islamic nation and boycott of Islamic country products. It may lead to disputes between the European Union and Turkey.

Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan also speaks the same thing as turkey that the french president leads Islamophobia in the world and he said Emmanual Macron has no understanding of Islam.

According to a report coming in, Kuwait stores pulled French yogurts and bottles of sparkling water from their shelves. Qatar university canceled all the upcoming french weeks in the university.

All the happening disputes can lead to financial difficulties and trade problems in both countries. Which can be bad for the future. Due to increased terrorist attacks and criminal activities, All other countries join this boycott campaign and want relief from the terror attacks. Which leads to deaths and takes many lives.


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