Recently, a report has come on the web, this news is very shocking news. A Ukrainian man was being stabbed by the people when he was speaking Russian at a Brooklyn bar and then the police started their inquiry and now it is being told that is a hate crime, people are stunned and creating Gate violence over these things name of the person is Andrii Meleshkov. This news is grabbing huge attention from the people. People are talking about the news. People are hitting the web page to know more information about the news. Here are several things to tell you about the news, You are on the right page to know more information. Let’s continue the article.

who is andrii meleshkov

According to the available information, he was born in Eastern Ukraine and talked about her mother so who belongs to Russia, So per the report of the incident, he said that he was going to the cafe’s signature karaoke bar and he was going to celebrate his special day yes it’s his birthday, which was on last Monday.

Who Is Andrii Meleshkov?

They had placed an order for the food and settle down there at the table with their friends so suddenly a person came and told him that he look like a Russian who is Ukrainian but no one trusts him. So he also explained to Ukraine so that he can calm down and he can get and translate the sentence to prove to them he is a real Ukrainian.

Meanwhile, on the basis of his friend, he was too many problems speaking the Russian language and he was also saying everything wrong with the wrong selection of consonants and vowels but he tells that he is wrong and he has to come along with him and he cautioned him several times. He was treated very badly and several injuries were there on his cheeks, ears, and nose the doctor mentioned that 17 stitches are important for his injuries.

Andrii Meleshkov Family, Age

Meleshkov’s parents are currently hiding from the cops. They are in the basement the cause why they are hiding from the police and the Army of Russia is that they may have to pay the charges of the bills birthday has left the please and the owner is getting in the mood of anger. The argument was getting increasing. We have shared all the details in this article, which we have shared all the details in this article, which we have fetched from other sources. Stay tuned for more updates.


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