American stand-up comedian, David Chappelle just become a trending topic on the Internet after he was attacked by a man on the stage on Tuesday night during a performance at an event in Los Angeles. A short video is circulating on social media and the video has been watched by millions of netizens around the world. Since then, the incident took place at the event in Los Angeles, David’s fans are concerned about his health or any kind of injury. A short video from the event a man can be seen charging onto the stage and tackling Chappelle before the recording cuts out.

Comedian David Chappelle Attacked Video

Now, the video is circulating on social media and grabbing the massive attention of the audience around the world. Those who were watching the live event titled Netflix Is A Joke. According to the sources, most accounts of the incident came from reporters who were at the event. A US-based reporter, Sharon Carpenter shared a video of the incident on social media saying,” He was finishing up his performance when a man ran on-stage and lunged at him knocking him to the floor. Later, Security and his staff cornered the man as Dave joked about him getting stomped backstage.

Comedian David Chappelle Attacked Video

Some of the clips are circulating on social media in which, Chappelle appears to joke after the incident where he said,” It was a trans man”, alluding to the controversy he was embroiled in October 2021 when David was accused of being transphobic in his popular Netflix “The Closer”. Several videos now has been shared on social media which is showing a similar incident where Chappelle was performing on the stage and a person attacked at him and tackles him to the floor.

As per the video footage, the incident took place at around 10:40 PM as David was trying to leave the Hollywood Bowl stage after finishing his event, as per the statement from the LAPD. The statement reads,” As he was exiting the stage a male, who was part of the audience, jumped onto the stage and tackled the comedian to the ground”. “Hollywood Bowl security officers, who witnessed the incident engaged the suspect and removed him from the David and took him into the custody”.

Who is David Chappelle?

Now, the persona has been identified as 23-years-old, Isaiah Lee and has been arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. According to the sources, he was holding a replica handgun with a knife blade inside the gun. The gun can eject the knife blade. Well, it has not been cleared yet that he tried to use the weapon.


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