Iykya, well-known as Iykka Berry is a very popular rapper, singer, celebrity cosmetic surgeon, and social activist. She was born and brought up in Tanjore, Tamil Nadu. She went viral on the Internet after she starts singing as a rapper. Iykki turned up an internet sensation after her music videos turned viral on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Iykki titled the first female rapper of Tamil Nadu and make her identity very popular all over the internet. Nowadays, social media shares lots of memes, pictures, reels, videos of Iykki, and a very huge quantity of people are following her to make her more viral on the internet.

Iykki Berry

In an interview, the interviewer asks Iykki about her passion then she replies that she loved her profession as a cosmetic surgeon and she likes the smiley faces of people that give her positive vibes. Along with this, she also likes writing and singing raps that becomes her passion. She gets lots of fame and popularity as the first female rapper of Tamil Nadu. She also said that she inspired by Michael Jackson and Katy Perry who got very huge fame by singing songs with their awesome voice. After some time, she starts writing and then singin.

The first song of Iykki was Enna Paathathum that take its release in 2019. After she got little popularity and name then she releases her first English album titled Mesense 1991. When Iykki got views and likes on her songs then she said in an interview that when you start writing then words come automatically. Now, Iykki thinks to release her new Tamil song besides English songs. Iykki wants to inspire all the girls in India who want to make their identity on the international platform. She is a live example for all girls who want to come in limelight from the small town.

As everyone knows that the girls are want to become a very famous personality in the eyes of the world. All the people love the songs of Iykki and her voice. Also, her swag of singing and giving performances in the songs. So, if you want to hear the songs of Iykki then search her name on YouTube now to hear her fantastic and fabulous songs. A very huge quantity of fans are loving the songs of Iykki and all the people are waiting to hear the songs of Iykki. So, if you want to get more updates then stay tuned with us.


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