The European Day of languages is coming on 26 September2020, let’s make a detailed talk on it. European Day of Languages (EDL) is celebrated throughout the years to promote the languages of Europe and promote the plurilingual skills of language in the country. I would like to tell you that we will discuss everything about this special day of Europe and what is the motive of making this day, and consider 26 September as the Language Day in Europe.


History of European Day of Languages

This day is celebrated for many years and as per knowledge it was set up by the Council of Europe and it was first celebrated in 2001. It was specially set up to encourage and diversify the language in Europe. The aim is to promote the rich linguistic diversity of the country. For your knowledge, I would like to tell you that there are 200 languages which are the total number of languages spoken in Europe. Celebrating this day is also important due to promote cultural languages and save the existence of all the languages of Europe. The European council has setup this to save the existence of 200 languages of Europe.

How the European Day of Languages is celebrated?

If I say a Language is also an identity of a country it’s not wrong in any manner. When anyone goes outside of his country and suddenly he speaks his mother tongue. Then you can find his residence in just seconds. because that is the strong identity when you away from your motherland. It is also important due to those people who speak Mother’s tongue and this day is also very important for promoting the rural language communication between the European people.

European Day of Languages 2020 Celebration

European Day of languages is celebrated in overall European nations but as well in the parliament and there is every year a special event is organized through the government of Europe. This time on 26 September 2020, the EU National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) has organized a special online event. Where anyone can chance to be the part of this event and give suggestions or also consult their problems relating languages.

The (EUNIC) council has issued a statement that “we have all set to travel throughout all European countries via the internet. and the official statement is here for you “On Saturday, we will travel online from one European country to another, through an interactive map, to discover the fascinating world of languages ​​and dialects,” the municipality said.


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