You have ever watched a single match of AFC Cup? The league is known for introducing some of the best football matches and now, another match of the league is all set to entertain the audience. Here are lots of teams who are battling with each other to win every single match and tonight, the league is all set to entertain others. According to the sources, the next match will be taken place between team East Riffa (Bhr) (ER) and team Hilal Al-Quds (Pal) (HIL). Both teams are currently standing in Group C and tonight, they are going to face each first time in this league.

er vs hil

Let us tell you that team HIL didn’t win a single match at any time in this league while team ER won their first match and faced a draw in their second one. You can choose some of the best players in this league such as Sami Al Husaini, Mohamed Duaij, Mohammed Maraaba, Hani Abdallah, Mohammed Obaid, and Saad Abdulla Attar. Now, the tickets are available on the official website of the league and you can buy this online. So, get ready to watch this wonderful match tonight.

ER vs HIL: Match Details

  • Team Names:- East Riffa (Bhr) (ER) vs Hilal Al-Quds (Pal) (HIL)
  • League:- AFC Cup
  • Venue:- Sheikh Ali bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Stadium, Muharraq, Bahrain
  • Date:- Wednesday, May 25, 2022
  • Time:- 12:30 AM IST

ER vs HIL: Team Squad

East Riffa (ER):- Ahmed Hasan, Khalil Salman Ali, Laith Hashim, Aguinaldo, Alkhayyat Abbas, Jasim Khelaif, Ahmed Yaqoob, Abdulla Shallal, Mohamed Duaij, Saeed Al-Murjan, Abdulla Abdo Omar, Prince Aggreh, Ali Nasser, Abdulrahman Jamal, Luiz Fernando, Rashed Maktoob Aldoseri, Hamza Attar, Faisal Abudahoom, Salem Al Doseri, Hamad Al Doseri, Hussain Al Taitoon, Sami Al Husaini, Abdulla Mubarak, Saad Abdulla Attar, and Omar Duaij Mahroofi.

Hilal Al-Quds (HIL):- Mohammed Sammar, Mahmoud Sabbah, Saqer Shqerat, Ihab Shaheen, Samer Zubaida, Ahmed Kashour, Ibrahim Al Habibi, Owais Yasin, Nooraldeen Khalil, Mohammed Hammo, Omar Zaanin, Izzeddin Abusnaina, Musa Farawi, Mahdi Zuabi, Mohammed Maraaba, Musa Al Tarabin, Abd Al Salem Salama, Asel Awesat, Mohammed Abu Mayala, Samer Jondi, Mohammed Khalil, Mahmoud Abu Warda, Sari Jadallah, Ali Naama, Abdallah Idrees, Mohammed Yameen, Abdalla Kholi, Mohammed Obaid, Mahmoud Aliwisat, Mohammed Baydoun, Jalal Yousef, Hani Abdallah, Muhamad Darwish, and Fayeq Mahamid.

ER vs HIL: Lineups Player

East Riffa (ER):- Hussain Al Taitoon, Ali Nasser, Sami Al Husaini, Abdulla Mubarak, Ahmed Yaqoob, Abdulla Shallal, Abdulla Abdo Omar, Prince Aggreh, Mohamed Duaij, Ahmed Hasan, and Saeed Al-Murjan.

Hilal Al-Quds (HIL):- Asel Awesat, Abdalla Kholi, Mohammed Obaid, Mohammed Khalil, Jalal Yousef, Hani Abdallah, Muhamad Darwish, Mohammed Yameen, Mahmoud Aliwisat, Mohammed Abu Mayala, and Samer Jondi.

ER vs HIL: Match Prediction

Now, the match is about to begin in just a few hours and both teams are getting to play this match tonight. As we can see that team ER won one match out of just 2 matches and team HIL didn’t win a single match out of two matches in this league. If we talk about the prediction of the match so, team ER has better chances to win this match tonight against team HIL.


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