The Premier League also is known as English Premier League or the EPL outside England. It is the hardest and top-level of the English Football League system. It is a Football competition between 20 clubs and all the teas play 380 matches to become on top on the table of ranking. The season started in August and end in May every year but this year the season delayed until 12 September because of COVID-19. Lots of fans are waiting for the season every year. The amazing part of the Premier League 2020-21 is it is the second season in which VAR is used. VAR stands for Video Assistance Referee which minimizes human errors with the use of video footage. So, it will be interesting to watch the match between the two brilliant teams of the Premier League.

english premier League Point Table

Everton is on top of the table by winning 4 matches of the Premier League

The Premier League is a competition of Football in which twenty teams compete to won the season. All the team prepares all the players very well to give the hardest competition to the competitor. The team who comes on the top position this season until 18th October 2020 is Everton who played 5 matches in which 4 wins and 1 draw. The team containing 13 points. The second position containing by Liverpool who played 5 matches in which 3 won, 1 draw, and 1 lost and the team got 10 points. The third position containing by Aston Villa who played 3 matches in which 3 wins and 9 points.

Two matches held on 18th October 2020 of the Premier League 2020

The upcoming match of the Premier League 2020/21 will be held on 18th October 2020 at 02:00 pm between Crystal Palace vs Brighton to compete. After that, another match held on 18th October 2020 between Spurs vs West Ham at 04:30 pm.

The fixtures of the matches were released on the official website of the Premier League and all the upcoming matches were previously decided. The competition will end on 23rd May 2021. After that, everyone gets a winner of the season who scores the highest points in the league.

Top Goalscorer of the Premier League until 18th October 2020 is from Everton

The statistics of the player who count as the top goalscorer is Dominic Calvert-Lewis. He scores 7 goals in the league and he was in Everton Club. The second position contains by Mohamed Salah and Son Heung-min by scoring 6 goals for Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur respectively. The match which will be held on 18th October 2020 at 02:00 pm between Crystal Palace vs Brighton will be interesting.

All the fans waiting to watch the upcoming match of the Premier League 2020-21. The league containing a very huge fan base and many people regularly watch the matches between the twenty teams to see their performance in the match. So, don’t miss to watch the upcoming matches of the Premier League.


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