Tik Tok is one of the most famous social media platforms nowadays. But from the recent past days, the defame of the application has been enhanced to its peak. As the Tik Tok application has been banned from India due to some of the factors and the tense situation between two countries including India and China. There is also some controversial video of Indian Tik Tokers got viral. Now, another famous Tik Tok Celebrity Emma is smashing the headlines throughout. The Philippines based Tik Tok star Emma has accumulated much attention when the controversial video has been circulated all over the internet.

On behalf of the latest report, the trending video of the Filipino celebrity is violating the community guidelines by appearing naked in the video. The video went wrong and got viral all over the internet. Tik Tok Star Emma_Model 3 is sitting on a couch and operating her phone. There is also another guy in the video making the trending swipe video. However, both have worn a mask which develops a doubt. But sources are sure that Emma-Model is in the video. The video is getting numerous comments and the fans of the star are giving different reactions on the video.

Emma Model 5 Tiktok

There is not much information available about Emma Model but because of the name of the Tik Tok star affecting the fame of Hollywood star Emma Watson. Let us make it quite clear to you that the Hollywood star hasn’t any relation to this video. Emma aka Emma_Model3  trending on the internet and all social media apps. She also has an account on Instagram along with 811 followers with 26 posts. As far as we concern her Instagram account, it seems that Emma_Model3 often post these kinds of adult videos on her account. But, this time the so-called celebrity got much attention.

The highly viral video is circulating on many sites and many social media apps. It hasn’t been cleared yet that the video gets deleted or not yet from her account. The original link of the video is being reviewed, it would be updated here after getting confirmed to a trusted source. This is not for the first time when a Philippines Tik Tok star gathering attention due to these kinds of scandals. Philippines Tik Tok star usually indulges in video scandals and controversies. Stay tuned with us for more information and all the latest entertainment updates.


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