Homen Borgohain who is the Sahitya Akedmi award winner, Asim Sahitya Sabha and veteran journalist passed away on Wednesday due to COVID-19. He was tested positive a few days back and went under the treatment in a private hospital. He was 88 years old and admitted in the hospital due to cardiac arrest at a private hospital in Guwahati, Asam. He has also been tested positive for COVID-19 last month where he recovered from it. In 1978, Homen Borgohain awarded with the Sahitya Akademi Award for his novel “Pita Putra”. In 2015, he returned his award for the protest against the lack of tolerance being created in the Indian Culture. He has worked for many novels such as “Progyar Sadhana”, “Gadyar Sadhana”, “Aatmanuxandhan”,

Homen Borgohain Passes Away

“Nisongota”, “Subala”, “Matshyagandha”, ” Timoir Tirtha”, “Astarag”, “Halodhiya Storaye Baudhan Khai”, and “Saudor Puteke Nao Meli Jay”. He was born in a small village in Dhakuakhana Borgohain. He went to Guwahati for the higher studies. Then he married the one of the finest writer of the generation Ms Nirupama Tamuli. She has worked on early feminist writings in Assam. She wrote the novel Puwar Purobi Sandhyar Binbhash. He was the president of Asom Sahitya Sabha from 2001-2002. He has worked as an Assam Civil Service officer for a span of time.

He has worked as an editor chief of Assamese daily Niyomiya Barta. He has written many novels, poetries and short stories in the newspapers. He has participated in the rural roots protest winning in the Indian society. He has worked on many stories of bohemian existence where he wrote about the Indian culture. He has posted his short stories in a newspaper Nilachal and weekly Nagraik. He served as a senior staff member of Bangali Daily Newspaper Ajkal. His two articles were edited by Dr. R.Sabhapanfit in two volumes.

He was the editor of the newspaper Aamar Asom, Axom Bami, Nilachal, Xutradhar, Nagorik, Niomia Batra. He has won the Assam Valley Literacy Award, Srimanta Sankardev Award, Matshendra Nath Award and Nilamoni Phukan Award from Asom Sahitya Sabha Award. Assamme literature is the ensemble of novels, short stories, plays, documents and, poetry Assamme language. It also publish the older forms of the language and it’s cultural heritage and tradition. To know more about this article stay connected to us.

Borgohain edited several Assamese dailies and weekly newspapers including Nilachal, Nagorik, Amar Asom, Asom Bani, Xutradhar, Xatxori, Niyamiya Barta. The prominent journalist, novelist’s death has been widely mourned across the state.


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