Here you will get such news today, on hearing which you will feel very excited. Yes, recently there has been news that Elon Musk is providing a new function of “Red-Signal” to all the users of What’s App, which will help you to enjoy whats app even more. As we all know WhatsApp is a cross messaging app, owned by Facebook. Elon Musk Shared the news of this “Red-Signal” via Twitter, changing the privacy policy, Elon Musk wrote in two words that “use the signal”. We know that now only one question will be echoing in everyone’s mind, what does this mean? So we will tell you about this in detail through this article.Elon Musk Tweets To Use Signal Messaging App Amid Whatsapp Privacy Policy Update

The user’s phone number, IP address, the mobile device information will be shared with Facebook along with WhatsApp privacy policy, which is a major concern. There is no limit to the privacy of users, given the track of Facebook. If viewed through the tweet of Musk, it can be said that users should think twice about their privacy and then shift to the signal.

Let us tell you that Signal Private Messaging is another choice for WhatsApp users, the co-founder of WhatsApp, named Bryan Acton, left the company after the acquisition of WhatsApp and Facebook. The Signal Messaging app is an app that used to be WhatsApp earlier. Yes, it will provide better privacy to all users.

Under this, the protocol has provided default end to end encryption operating open-source signals. If we talk to WhatsApp, then WhatsApp will collect your device data such as IDs, UserIDs, advertising data, purchase history, rough locations, phone numbers, email addresses, contacts, product interactions, crash data, performance data, other diagnostic data, payment information, Phone number, customer support, product interactions, other user content, etc.

Similarly, let us tell you that the signal does not collect any such data from you. It only asks for your phone number for registration. It will be available to you on both Android and iOS. Through this, we can use both video and voice calls, it is completely free of cost, inside it you have better convenience and privacy. So, now download the Signal app and enjoy it while maintaining your privacy.


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