In a shocking incident, Eleven members of a family, including Seven women and Four men, were found dead in under mysterious circumstances at their residence in north Delhi’s Burari on Sunday.

On Sunday morning, the police are investigating the case from all possible angles, joint commissioner of police, Delhi told ANI, the crime branch of the Delhi police has taken over the investigation of the case.

Eleven People Found Dead in Delhi’s Burari

Ten Bodies were found hanging and blindfolded, While a 75-year-old woman’s body was found on the floor, the police were quoted as saying by PTI. “Bodies of seven women and four men, including three teenagers have been found. We are investigating for all possible angles, We are not ruling out anything.”

As per the news, who was found dead on the floor, her daughter Pratibha [57], her to sons Bhavnesh [50] and Lalit Bhatia [45]. Bhavnesh wife Savita [48] and their three children- Meenu [23], Nidhi [25] and Dhruv [15]. Lalit Bhatia’s wife Tina [42] and their 15-year-old son Shivam were also among those found dead. Pratibha’s daughter Priyanka [33], who was engaged last month and would have married by the end of this year, was also found hanging.

The ritual could only have been performed on Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday. The family chooses the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday as the wanted to avoid error or confusion. Since the ritual was lengthy, they probably perform it during the night to avoid any interference.

“Their shop would open by 6 AM every morning what when it didn’t till 7:30 AM today, A neighbor went to check and later inform the police after finding most of them hanging the grill ceiling.”

In keeping with instructions, the man of the family – Bhavnesh, and Lalit – were found hanging next to each other. similarly, the wives of Bhavnesh and Lalit were found hanging to each other from the iron grill as were the children and their 33-year-old niece, Priyanka. Neighbors confirmed that the family was religious. “Every member of the family Prayed thrice day,” Said Parveen Mittal, a close friend if the family.

Police said they have registered a murder case and are probing the case from all angles.




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