The famous and loving animated series, Eleceed is returning again with a new chapter 153. The series was first created by Son Je-No and from the beginning of the series, it has lots of fan following, and also, many fans like to watch every chapter after the release.

Eleceed Chapter 153 Release Date

As per the sources, the manhwa has been surrounding since 2018 and in the same year, the first episode of the series was released by Naver Webtoons on 2nd October. Now, it has been over three years since Eleceed was released, and now, Chapter 153 is on the corner to release soon. Now, we are going to discuss the upcoming chapter.

The main story of the series revolves around the life of Seo Jinwoo. He is a very kind person who holds many supernatural powers. One day, the life of Seo Jinwoo becomes monotonous when he is the only witness of the cat’s super fast reflexes. The work of the cat is to bring world peace.

But it seems that it is just a simple cat? The answer to this question will be found in the series. Many more things will be seen in the upcoming chapter.

Eleceed Chapter 153: What to Expect in the next chapter?

Now, the watchers will get to the fight between Duke and Asher Brian that resulted in a draw. The result will bring the Asher Brian fight in the prediction that shows the new possible winning of Asher Brian. The result shows that the participants will go to the next round. Now, the fans are expecting that the Duke will win the next round. Also, some related predictions is also be seen on Reddit. Well, it will not possible that the next round will show the chapter as a draw. While, another fight of Jisuk and Arthur will show the result as Jisuk will win the game.

In further fights, the players will get some confidence. Well, there is no chance that she can win against Duke. Along with this, the power of the Duke will come out. Many things will come out in the next chapter that will surprise you.

Eleceed Chapter 153: Release Date

The watchers will not have to wait for long because the Eleceed Chapter 153 will release on August 15, 2021. Along with this, the chapter will release before release worldwide in South Korea. The next chapter will reveal many things as it is expected to forward something interesting. But the main point of this chapter is that we will finally get to see the hidden ability of Duke.

You can read the full chapter on the official website. Now, let’s wait for the next chapter that will be released in just few days.


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