Janhvi drives the car and thinks that her husband Dhruv is so emotional fool and now she will show everyone what she can do. Kabir sleeps and Kavya wakes up. She drinks the water but suddenly the water falls on him. He gets stuck in his t-shirt. Kavya tries to help him and they share the moment. Then they both become so uncomfortable. Janhvi does yoga and remembers what her father said. She remembers that she has to take revenge from PK Mittal.

In Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 8th May 2019 written episode we see that Janhvi is in the house because of some reasons. Dhruv comes there and feels romantic with her. He says you should apply kajal as someone will give negative vibes to you, Then he leaves. Janhvi becomes so dramatic. She goes to her mother in law and then gives her some medicine. She starts giving a cunning look to her. Her mother in law says she does not have to take the medicines.

Mr PK Mittal becomes so tensed about the leaked video which has become viral. Then his friend asks what he is going to say in the press conference. Janhvi says that we need Kavya to make the point strong. PK Mittal says that we don’t want to take help from them. Janhvi starts convincing him to talk to Kabir. Kabir also gets pressurised from his higher command. Janhvi takes up the arrow and shoots now. She makes the scene dramatic and says that you should come to the press conference at 12:00 pm as PK Mittal will be getting destroyed today. Janhvi talks to Kavya and says I am so tensed because of the busy schedule. At the last one man gets to know that Janhvi’s real name is Pooja Sharma and he threatens her.


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