This is the TV serial which comes on Star Plus and gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. We are seeing that Manohar was captured by Jhanvi and her gang. Kavya and Kabir come home and her mother in law says that we have welcomed in you our life. Kavya says thank you, mother. Kavya comes to Jhanvi and says you are the best and you supported us every time. She calls Shail and his number was not reachable. Manohar takes the car and escapes.

In Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 7th June 2019 episode we see that Jhanvi was so tensed and Kavya asks what happened. Then she gets the call of Ishani and she cries. Jhanvi gets scared and asks what happened. Ishani says that I am in beauty parlor and beautician has not done my eyebrow properly. Jhanvi gets relaxed and shouts on her that she should not call her for these things. Masi comes to Jhanvi and asks if Kabir is going to play the character of the hero. Then Dhruv comes and suddenly sindoor spills on her face.

Dhruv asks her not to go anywhere as she is not feeling well. Ishani calls Jhanvi and then shouts for help. Manohar asks Jhanvi to come to the place where he is asking. Jhanvi says okay I am coming and you should not do anything with Ishani. Ishani cries. Jhanvi becomes tensed. Manohar says I should have trapped Ishani earlier but now I will do everything I want. Jhanvi takes a cab and goes. Kavya sees her. Kavya goes to Dhruv and says she is in trouble. PK comes and says what happened to Jhanvi. They all takes the gun and goes to find her as Dhruv had the GPS location of Jhanvi. For more updates of Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna written episode, stay tuned with us.


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