We see in the latest episode of Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna we will see that Jhanvi becomes so angry and burns the statues of PK. Kabir comes there and says whatever you said was fine because my father has not done well with you. Kabir says that please do not punish my mother and grandfather as they have not done anything. Jhanvi says you have come here to beg. She goes and brings the coins. She throws it on him and tells him not to beg as she will not give him a penny. Jhanvi says you guys set fire on our home and our dad.

In Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 3rd July 2019 episode written update we will see that Kabir becomes angry and asks her not to become so overconfident. Jhanvi asks him to get out. Kabir says I will come again and take everything away from you. The change is necessary. Kabir goes and then the commissioner is seen in the scene. Police asks Commissioner to come with them as he knew about this. Police asks them to leave the house as soon as possible. Everyone becomes so tensed. Then Mother says where will we go now. Kabir says do not worry we will be arranging something. He hugs her mother.

They all leave. Dada says that we will contact every one and someone will also help us. Kabir says that after the press conference of Pooja no one is ready to help us. Kabir says there is something which is left. He says we all are together and we will fight this situation. Ishani asks Jhanvi to bring Kabir as she loves him. Jhanvi says he is not good for you. For more updates of Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna episode updates, stay tuned with us.


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