This is the serial which is becoming so popular in India Cinema. Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna latest episode starts with Jhanvi giving him the ideas about the election campaigns. Jhanvi says we can go door-to-door and ask for the votes from them. PK becomes impressed and says we can think about this. Then PK says it will hurt us. Then the man who was threatening Jhanvi comes there and says you cannot go to campaigning as it is risky.

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 22nd May 2019 episode written updates show us that Jhanvi asks 51 lakh rupees from PK. She says that I have to buy land in Nainital. He says you should not go there and ask that man to come here. Manohar goes in the room of Jhanvi and Dhruv catches him when he was looking at the cupboard. Dhruv asks what you are doing here. Manohar says that I came here to pick up the sarees. Then he asks him to leave.

Dhruv asks why she asked Manohar to pick up the sarees as he was here when no one was in the room. She becomes scared and thinks she has not asked anything from Manohar then why he came here. She goes in the kitchen and then she thinks what she should do now. Kabir asks where are the medicines of mom. Then she says she has kept it in the cupboard but then she thinks she should tell Kabir that she has sent the medicine for assessment. She becomes scared then and was not able to say anything.

We will see that Jhanvi works in the kitchen and Manohar comes there and asks what you are making. She says I am making kheer. He says can I have some of it as I am hungry. She says sure we will give you. Then Jhanvi suspects him of behaving weird from many days and thinks he is one who is blackmailing her. For more updates of Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna, stay tuned with us.


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