Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna is the show which comes on Star Plus. In the latest episode, we see that Jhanvi goes to the room of Manohar and Kavya comes there and sees what she is finding there. She becomes shocked. Jhanvi says that I have come here to see what was there because of which this incident happened. Kavya says I have given those files to the commissioner uncle. She gets shocked and becomes tense. Then Kavya asks what happened. Jhanvi says nothing and hugs Kavya. Jhanvi says thank you that you saved me.

In Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 12th June 2019 Episode written updates we see that Jhanvi becomes so angry and says why you came here Manohar and thinks what was the information in the file. She is tensed. PK asks what happened Jhanvi tell us something. Jhanvi remains silent. Jhanvi tells that Manohar has something which can harm you. Then she says something happened 20 years before related to Dr. Ashok. She says that Manohar knew that if he would have known that he have the proof then he would have been killed. Kabir asks what is this matter and what happened 20 years before. Kabir asks the journalist was also telling about this.

PK says there is nothing and Manohar has taken advantage of the innocence of Jhanvi. PK says that the mistake was of Dr. Ashok and I have not done anything. Ishani and Jhanvi become so sad. Flashback starts and they show that PK was saying that he conspired against Dr. Ashok. Chanda says that there might be something. His mother says that she has not done right by doing all this. PK was so angry and says I have to do this. For more updates of Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna episode updates stay tuned with us.


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