We are getting so many positive reviews about the Star plus Serial Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna as the serial is so new in concept. Kavya takes the file in which Jhanvi’s real identity was there but then his son comes and asks her to play with her. Kavya asks him to go and play. Dhruv is so disturbed by the incident and then he goes out. Jhanvi was lying on the bed and she was unconscious. He remembers how Jhanvi was in danger. Dhruv goes there and then cries. Kabir comes and asks what happened. Kabir asks him to cry as the incident was big.

In Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 11th June 2019 episode written updates, we will see that Dhruv is thinking why Manohar has done all this and he was about to kill his wife. Kabir says we will figure this out. Jhanvi was in shock and she cries the name of Rani. She screams Rani run and Rani run. Kavya comes there and asks her to calm down. Dhruv also comes. Kavya tells who is Rani. Dhruv says I do not know. He asks Kavya to take some rest as he is with her. Raghav gets the file of Jhanvi but then he gets a call and leaves the file.

Dhruv touches the head of Jhanvi and kisses her forehead. Kavya sees her and smiles. Kabir also comes outside and brings the cup of milk. He asks her to drink this. Kavya says no she does not want. Kavya asks Kabir to drink this. They both drink milk. Kabir stares Kavya. They both shares some romantic moments. Ishani sees them and then comes to disturb their romance. Kavya does pooja. Jhanvi is not good and Kavya tries to do everything which she used to do. For more updates of Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna written episodes please stay tuned with us.


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