The brilliant part of the most amazing movie is the shooting will be very soon begin. Yes, we are talking about the biggest movie of the year titled “Ek Aur Naren”. Everyone understands that the movie will be based on the real-life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now, the shooting of the movie will be very soon going to take its grand beginning in which the most prominent actor who already steals every fan’s heart with his outstanding performance. A very huge quantity of people is waiting to watch the brilliant movie because of the story of Narendra Modi.Ek Aur Naren Based P.M Modi Movie Release Date Trailer Teaser Cast Crew Plot

Its director Milan Bhowmick told PTI on Thursday that one and Naren’s story will have two strands. Now, if you want to know the first strand then he showing the dealing with life and work of Swami Vivekananda and the second strand to present the vision of Narendra Modi. The director of Ek Aur Naren clearly said that movie will be contained two live personalities that show two stories. He said, “Both personalities have elevated Bharat to another height globally with their ideologies and service to the people”.

The shooting of the movie will begin on 12th March 2021 and all the people who want to watch the movie will be getting details on time-related to Ek Aur Naren here. Also, the makers decide to release the movie on the date of the birthday of Narendra Modi on September 17. The lead role will be played by the most talented and popular actor of Bollywood named Gajendra Chauhan who got his fame after appearing in the role of Mahabharata. Gajendra Chauhan also said that he thinking to create the movie on the biopic of Narendra Modi for a long time.

The actor also said that he knew Narendra Modi for 20 years and said “I will seek to explore the towering personality of Narendra Modi, his way of thinking, his way of interaction with masses, his connect with the people, his beliefs”. The movie titled Ek Aur Naren will begin its shooting on 12th March 2021 and after that, the release date also confirmed by the makers. The supposed release date of the movie is 17th September 2021 when the makers will be present the movie as a gift to Narendra Modi on the occasion of his birthday. So, stay tuned with us because we will update here all the information that you want to know.


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