Again, a video of a famous singer has gone viral on different social media platforms. The name of the singer is Eduin Caz and he is well-known as the leader of the Grupo Firme. Now, his contribution to the music industry always gets a huge hype because of his extreme talent and exceptional singing skills.

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Recently, his video has been leaked on the internet in which he is appearing with a girl on the bed. The video has been created by the girl and Eduin is sleeping next to the woman. The woman is not probably his wife as her face is not similar to his wife.

Eduin Caz Video Viral

Everyone asks just one question to him if he is cheating on his wife and maintaining an unfaithful relationship with his wife. The name of the singer is very bright and he is well-reputed all over the world. Now, the video is spoiling his career as well as his image in front of everyone.

He was born and grew up in Culiacan, Mexico on 30th July 1994. As of 2021, he is 27 years old and some sources claimed that his parents have always been in Mexico. Eduin once said in an interview that the success where he reached in his life was just because of his parents as they supported him a lot.

Currently, the video puts him in a very big controversy as everyone points him for his relationship with his beautiful wife Daisy Anahy. The couple has two adorable children as well but still, he sleeps with another woman and crosses his limits.

Eduin Caz  Twitter Video Scandalized!

Now, he become the talk of the town and is continuously trolled by millions of netizens who blame him to have two relationships with two different women. The relationship between Eduin and the second woman is clearly appearing in the video that went viral on Twitter.

So far, the video got no time to reach the pinnacle, and everyone sharing it with their friends. Twitter is filled with a lot of reactions of the netizens in which almost everyone trolled the singer for his big mistake. So far, there is no confirmation that has arrived on the internet from the side of the singer.

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In the video, we can clearly see that Eduin is covered with a white bed sheet and sleeping without any cloth. Eduin Caz has been badly trolling for he sleeps with an unknown woman even having a beautiful relationship with his wife.


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