The Indian Electic Vehicle company, eBikeGo recently launched a new model for their customers around the nation. Yes, the company launched their Rugged electric “Moto-Scooter” in the Indian market and the company is also getting a positive response on the Internet after launching the EV vehicle for the customers in an affordable amount.

eBikeGo Rugged Electric Scooter Launch in India

The model will be available at Rs. 79,999. According to the sources, the price of the model will be lower and comes under the government subsidies that have applied for the model. As per the recent government announcement, electric vehicles will not be subjected to the road tax and based on the G1 model, the price of the vehicles will be less than petrol two-wheelers.

The booking of the EV will be started in just a few days and then, you can book your vehicle with the minimum amount of money. Also, the deliveries of the eBikeGo model will begin in November 2021. The company has revealed the information about the vehicle and you can check each and every detail on our page. Scroll down to check the latest update of the EV.

eBikeGo Rugged Electic Scooter: Specification & Features

Many features have been equipped in the vehicle by the company including a 3kW motor that helps to reach the top speed of 70km/h. The model will available in two models in India, G1, and G1+ but both models have different prices. The FAME II subsidy is available in ex-showroom costs but no state subsidy. As per the latest information, the pre-booking of the model has been started for Rugged on its official website. The pre-booking amount is just Rs. 499 which is refundable.

Also, the company provided a 2X2 kWh battery in the model which is replaceable. Both batteries can be charged in 3.2 hours and has a range of 160KM. Also, you can store 30 KG of capacity on the model. The Cradle chassis and steel frame is composed in the electric vehicle. There are 12 in-built smart sensors. The company also launched an app for the scooter in which you can lock/unlock the scooter including an anti-theft feature.

The vehicle was made by using the data obtained from millions of points analyzed by artificial intelligence drive fleet management systems from B2B and B2C operations. The company offers seven years of warranty on its chassis. With all of these, the company provides BLE, CAN bus, GPS/IRNSS, 4G, 42 inputs/outputs, comprehensive modular sensor, and serial ports in the vehicle.

eBikeGo Rugged Electic Scooter: Price & Availability

During the launch, the eBikeGo also announced the price of the model of G1 and G1+ as the models will available at Rs. 79,999 and Rs. 99,999 in India. You may check many more details on the official website of eBikeGo. Also, the pre-booking has been started and you can pre-book the model with the minimum amount of Rs. 499 through the official website.


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