A new study published in the Journal of Consumer Research found that if a person eats more while standing up, it increases the physical stress. It says that spending more time while standing up and eating even for a less period of time increase the anxiety and stress level in a person. The study was conducted to find out the impact of body posture on the taste buds. It was found that food tastes better when one eats while sitting down.

The main thing which was examined was the interaction between vestibular sense, which is responsible for balance, posture and spatial orientation and the gustatory sensory system, which regulates the senses of taste and buds.

Dipayan Biswas, who was the lead author of the study, a Professorat the University of Florida in the US, said “This finding suggests that parents might be able to make unpleasant-tasting, healthy foods seem more palatable to reluctant children by having them eat standing up (vs. sitting down). In a similar vein, it might be beneficial to maintain a standing posture when consuming Pharmaceutical productsthat have unpleasant tastes.”

The researchers said that if a person is involved in any activity, carrying heavy loads or any other such activity where the body pushes the blood to the lower parts of the body which make the Heart work harder to pump the blood back to the upper part of the body and this makes the senses and Taste Buds make the food tasteless and also associate the same with stress.

The study included 350 participants who were asked to eat pita chips. Some of them were asked to eat them while standing, while others were supposed to sit on a padded chair. The ones, who ate the chips while standing gave it less favorable ratings than those who ate the chips while sitting. The study shows that when someone doesn’t feel comfortable while eating, it makes the food taste bad.




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