Who Is Eastenders Actress Arrested? Ex-Eastenders Actress Arrested: On Friday, July 16, one famous former star of EastEnders got arrested by the police from Woodford Green, East London. According to the reports, the unknown and unrevealed actress is suspected of large-scale fraud by the police. There has not been much information about what kind of fraud the police have mentioned, but it is sure that the actress is alleged of being involved in large-scale fraud. The actress was taken to the Gravesend Police station in Kent in a custody center. The Police questioned the actress before she was arrested. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com


Who Is Eastenders Actress Arrested?

The unknown actress is one of the main actresses from EastEnders. According to the Police reports, the actress appeared on British television for around three decades and played the role of one of the main characters in the BBC1 soap. However, the Police have not shared much information about the actress, and have not even disclosed her personal information to the media.

A lot of fans of the actresses from EastEnders and Soaps are worried that who the actress would be, and they want to know the name of the actress. However, the Police have not shared much information about the actress because the authorities do not allow the Police officers to defame any famous personality for the alleged case.

Ex-Eastenders Actress Arrested

According to the reports, the case of the actress being involved in large-scale fraud is being investigated by the officers of the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit. For the investigation of the alleged actress, there has been a set of some officers from the police regional who tackle the cases of serious crimes and cases related to terrorism.

The Police have not shared much information about the actress, but it is known that the unknown actress is a famous actress who played the role of the main character in EastEnders and Soaps on BBC television for around three decades.

Speculations on social media

Since the news of the actress being arrested by the police has come out in the media, a lot of netizens are speculating the names of the past main female characters who had once worked in EastEnders. According to some netizens, there could be anyone Meryl Fernandes, Jasmyn Banks, Josie Lawrence, Preeya Kalidas, Anita Dobson, Shivani Ghai, Clare Perkins, Carli Norris, Pasty Palmer, Kellie Shirley, Lindsey Coulson, Tiana Benjamin, Tracy-Ann Oberman or the some other.


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