Recent news regarding an earthquake that took place in El Centro, Calif with a 3.7 magnitude. You must have felt this around you. As per the report at 01.23 AM, it occurred 14 miles from Imperial, 18 miles from Calexico, 20 miles from Brawley, and 50 miles from Alpine. Let us tell you that, it has been noticed in the past ten days two earthquakes have occurred with the magnitude of 3.0 that completely shocked all the people who live there. Many people are afraid of it because it is a very critical natural phenomenon that gives lots of losses immediately.

Earthquake In EL Centro

Let us tell you that, almost 234 earthquakes with magnitudes between 3.0 and 4.0 occur per year in California and Nevada. It is the data collected by the officials and after knowing it many people are completely shocked because it is a very big term or counting of earthquakes as per the year. Currently, another, earthquake has come into highlights at 01:23 AM on Wednesday, 2nd February 2021 13 miles away from El Centro, Calif.

The last Earthquake that occurred late at night was at a depth of 7.1 miles and felt by many people at night. The residence of California is feeling every Earthquake that happened at any time because they have to feel the earthquake to aware before the big one is going to strike. Many people taking classes to keep their lives safe from the impact of Earthquakes because California every year bears heavy losses due to Earthquakes.

All the people are always ready to face every impact of the Earthquake. Every year, California got a huge number of Earthquakes but the government organized many precautions to save all the residence. Now, the incident happened at 01:23 AM on 2nd February 2021, Wednesday 13 miles away from El Centro, Calif. So, if you want to know more details about the current incidents then here we will update all the information related to the highlighted topics.


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