Earthquake In Delhi-NCR, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh 7.5 Magnitude Richter Scale Time 12th February 2021, Epicentre in Alwar, Rajasthan. The quake was felt in nearby areas of the capital as well. All the local residence of the area was very afraid after felt the impact of the heavy earthquake because it was actually very dangerous. The impact of quake was felt in many nearby areas such as Delhi NCR, Uttarakhand, and many more. Apart of this, the impact was also felt in Afghanistan and Nepal. After the waves start then the fear among people pick its hype because it was very scary.

After the Earthquake Netizens Starts Talking about it, And Some praying Everyone Will Safe and Some of Delhi People’s Cracking Jokes nd Trolling Earthquake, Check here:


This year, this was the 15th shock of the earthquake recorded in Delhi-NCR. All 14 earthquakes that occurred earlier this year are of low to medium intensity. They were recorded from 12 April to 3 June. But tonight, the intensity of the Earthquake was very big and it completely shocked every person who felt the waves. The magnitude of earthquake was measures at 7.5 on the richer scale and it is very huge number and enough to shock any person.

JL Gautam Scientist at the National Seismology Center (NCS) said that till date, no such technology has been made so far that can be told about it beforehand. He said that after its arrival, the intensity can be gauged but nothing can be said beforehand. They are divided into 5 zones of earthquake-prone areas. Which the 5th zone is the most dangerous and the area of ​​Delhi falls in the fourth zone. Also, the earthquake was a very high risk for the residence of the place where the actual epicentre took because the scale of earthquake was very big that able to fall down any building very easily. The local residence thinking about what to do because they are afraid so far after earthquake started.

JL Gautam told that there is a high risk of a large earthquakes in the area around the Himalayas because the plates are moving there. Therefore, there is a great risk of earthquakes from Hindukush mountain to the north-east and the distance of Delhi from the Himalayan region is around 250 to 300 km. Therefore, the impact of the earthquake there can be seen in this area. The way the impact of Nepal earthquake was seen till Delhi.


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