Have you ever watched a single match of Czech Republic Extraliga 2021-22 league matches? The league has introduced several matches in this league and every match comes with some amazing performances of the teams. There are 10 teams in the league and most of the team has played 11 matches and now, another match is all set to take place in a few hours.

DUL-W vs KRP-W Live Score

As per the schedule of the league, team Dukla Liberec (DUL-W) and team Kralovo Pole Brno (KRP-W) will face off each other on the volleyball court. It will be interesting to watch this match and many watchers are waiting to visit the arena to watch this match.

Before this match, these teams have already played several matches in this league and finally, they have reached to this level. Watchers can visit the arena to watch this fabulous match. The tickets are available on the official website of the teams and the league.

It is interesting to share with all the fans that both teams are standing on the upper side of the point table and their performance is amazing than previous matches. The match will take place at SH Dukla Liberec under the Czech Republic Extraliga. So, are you excited to watch this match on the volleyball court?

DUL-W vs KRP-W: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Dukla Liberec (DUL-W) vs Kralovo Pole Brno (KRP-W)
  • League:- Czech Republic Extraliga 2021-22
  • Venue:- SH Dukla Liberec
  • Date:- Thursday, November 11, 2021
  • Time:- 10:30 PM IST

DUL-W vs KRP-W: Team Squad

Dukla Liberec (DUL-W):- Daniela Digrinova, Simona Jelinkova, Silvie Straska, Jana Weissova, Katerina Pelikanova, Jzanasia Sweet, Zuzana Kamasova, Romana Pavlicova, Lucie Vesela, Hana Vybiralova, Jana Vystrcilova, Katerina Kunikova, Gretell Elena Borrero, Lucie Smardova, Hana Judlova, Tereza Hrusecka, Ela Koulisiani, Denisa Pavlikova, and Magdalena Bukovska.

Kralovo Pole Brno (KRP-W):- Petra Kojdova, Nikola Kvapilova, Lucie Blazkova, Kristyna Cermakova, Veronika Dostalova, Lenka Oveckova, Katerina Kohoutova, Anna Sotkovska, Sarka Poddana, Lucie Kolarova, Olga Skrypak, Karolina Bartosova, Michaela Necasova, Lucie Nova, and Lucie Sulcova.

DUL-W vs KRP-W: Lineups Player

Dukla Liberec (DUL-W):- Daniela Digrinova, Magdalena Bukovska, Ela Koulisiani, Denisa Pavlikova, Jzanasia Sweet, and Katerina Pelikanova.

Kralovo Pole Brno (KRP-W):- Petra Kojdova, Nikola Kvapilova, Katerina Kohoutova, Anna Sotkovska, Veronika Dostalova, and Lenka Oveckova.

DUL-W vs KRP-W: Match Prediction

The excitement among fans can be seen online as the tickets of the match have been sold in just a few hours and fans are reaching the arena to watch this wonderful match. Along with this, they are excited to know that which team has more chances to win this match so, team DUL-W is standing on the 1st spot with 10 victories and single lost out of 11 matches.

On the other side, team KRP-W is standing on the 2nd spot with 7 victories out of 10 matches. As per the expert prediction, team KRP-W has more chances to win this match against team DUL-W tonight.


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