Dublin High School Students Died In Car Accident: We are now again with news of three students who got die in an accident, A graduation ceremony was held in Dublin High School on 3rd June 2022. In 2019, on a Christmas night, this school lost three children to their school, This graduation day is for the two who are twins, Michael & Mark and the other’s name was Javier Ramirez knowns and who loved them. These three children were just 16-years old when they met an accident, also two more children were with them but by the god’s grace, they survived. This accident happened on Foothill Road in Pleasanton.

Dublin High School Students Died In Car Accident Three Years Ago Principal Maureen Byrne Honors At Graduation Ceremony

Their diploma was accepted by their family, her mother said that it was difficult for her to attend the graduation day for them. The dad of those twins Andrew Urista said it was difficult for them to present here at their graduation of them, but this will make them feel their presence and their memories are also be kept alive after this graduation day. When this accident happened three years ago students of Dublin paid tribute to them and more than 700 students walked around the stage when their name was taken. Dublin High School Students Died In Car Accident

Principal Maureen Byrne Honors At Graduation Ceremony

Three empty chairs were put down in front of the stage with a white rose on them and their diploma will be handover to the children’s parents. The principal of the school said that these all children faced a lot of grief from everyone, but we want to bring some peace & joy to their souls and honor them for who were they.

They want to keep their memories alive. They had a great bond with their teachers & friends, they always come forward to help everyone said by their teachers. When they received the news of their accident, they were all got shocked at that time and still, they missed them.

As told by many they had a beautiful smile which was enough to make anyone smile, their parents said that when the starting of the ceremony, they brief about them and that bought tears to their eyes, they were not in the mood to come on this graduation day, but they come for their friends and teachers who loved them and also for the other children’s who are actually graduating, we are happy for them as they see their child in them. Their mother also said that her child once said they want to complete their graduation soonly, now this day has come and she will fulfill their wish.

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