Another shocking news for many netizens has just arrived in which everyone’s favorite Drakeo the Ruler was arrested. Let us tell you that his real name is Darrell Caldwell. The rapper captured the entire incident on his Instagram account and he shared the entire incident on Live.


Now, just after his Instagram Live went viral on social media, many people from Instagram and Twitter continuously talking about it. They regularly talking about the incident and trying to find every single detail that happened with Drakeo the Ruler. To find the details, you landed on the right page where you get every information.

Drakeo The Ruler Aressted?

The complete event that happened went viral on social media and attract a ton of people to react to it. The news comes months after the rapper struck a plea deal after being cleared of killing and strive to the deadly onslaught.

Let us tell you that on 22nd August 2021, Draco’s Uber was pulled over for allegedly having tinted windows. When the LAPD officers have arrived to arrest the rapper, he thinks to shoot the entire incident on his Instagram Live and then he did it and creates a headline with many people joining continuously.

Rapper is Pulled Over During Instagram Live

If we talk about the statement of the officers then they said “We are going to ask you one more time to step out, and if you say no, then we got to do what we got to do”. Not only this, but after the arrest, the officers further added that Drakeo would be taken to jail if he failed to comply with the law.

Apart from this, the confused rapper said “This is crazy bro. What the f**k is going on. Why are you all pulling me? What did I do? You all pulling me over. You all were pulling my Uber driver, bro. What is going on”.

Drakeo The Ruler Real Name Wiki-Bio

In the video, everyone can easily see that Drakeo was arrested when he stepped out of his car by the police. But, he continuously recording the Live video that directly uploading on his Instagram account. Along with it, viewers can also see that Drakeo was his son when the police have arrived to arrest him.

Just after the video went viral on social media, many netizens joined with it and started another campaign in which they trending a hashtag #FreeDrakeo. What will happen next will be actually worthy to know as many people continuously supporting him.


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