Fans love to watch some exclusive animated series and these series have been running for the last few years to entertain the audience. There are lots of animated series to watch and the hype of the Dragon Ball Super series is on its hype. Since the series begins, fans love to watch every single episode, and now, after the few successful chapters, and episodes, the makers are coming back with one more chapter of the series.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78

Because of the popularity, the makers are coming with Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 which is absolutely amazing to watch. As we know that Dragon Ball Super manga is exploring the Granolah Survivor Arc.

Since the animated series began and along with this, the last few chapters, we got to see Granolah dominated Goku and Vegeta with their most amazing and powerful transformations. We thought before that Vegeta’s Ultra Ego will able to stop the Cerealian however, it was not a matter and Granolah turned his tide against the Saiyan.

Later, it was found in the previous chapters that it was only Monaito’s interference that stopped Granolah from killing the two Saiyans. Later, it was the Bardock who saved them from death and all those came back. Now, the last chapter gave some glimpse to us that exactly what happened 40 years ago. Fans are excited to know this. So, let’s find out and read the spoiler of the chapter.

Now, the present episode will show that Gas reaches planet Cereal to deal with the Saiyans and Granolah. On the other side, the flashback section shows Elec ordering Gas to deal with other survivors. Now, the fans want to know that what is the change will be seen in the upcoming chapter. Along with the story, fans also want to know that when the official Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 will be released?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Release Date & Time

According to the sources, the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 will be released on Friday, November 19th, 2021. Along with this, Manga Plus and Viz Media provide the first three and the latest three-chapter free to the watchers. With all of this, The chapter will release on November 20th, 2021 in Japan.

Along with this, the release date of the chapter changes and depends on the region. So, the time of release depends on the country and region as well. It will release at 7 AM PST as Pacific Time on November 19, Central Time at 9 AM CST, Eastern Time at 10 AM EST, Britist Time at 3 AM BST, European Time at 4 PM CEST and Indian Time at 08:30 IST. Stay tuned for more updates.


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