Who was Dr Chinelo and Cause Of Death? Know More Details

On Monday, Dr. Megafu Chinelo, a Nigerian lady, was killed. What was the name of Dr. Chinelo, and what caused her death? On Monday, Dr. Chinelo was assaulted on the Abuja-Kaduna train. During that event, many people were attacked and shot. Continue reading to learn more about Dr. Chinelo’s demise.

Who is Dr Chinelo?

Chinelo, a Nigerian woman who died recently, was tragically killed in a car accident. What was the name of Dr. Chinelo, and what caused her death? Megafu Chinelo, a young doctor, was murdered in the train attack between Abuja and Kaduna on Monday. According to one of her pals, the doctor was supposed to leave the country on Friday.

Abuja Kaduna Train Attack

Thieves allegedly assaulted a train travelling from Abuja to Kaduna on Monday night, according to reports. On the Abuja-Kaduna train, Dr. Chinelo Megafu was murdered by criminals, and his death has caused indignation on social media. She died late Monday as a result of her injuries because she was unable to support herself.

As previously stated, the young doctor was murdered in the Abuja-Kaduna train catastrophe on Monday. The shooters allegedly blew up the train track before assaulting the passengers. When the train was assaulted by terrorists, Dr. Chinelo was one of around 970 people on board. Dr. Chinelo took to Twitter after the occurrence, at 9:43 p.m., to beg Nigerians to pray for her.

Dr Chinelo Medical Career

Dr. Chinelo was a sponsor and member of Parcel Medico. Her style of life was sophisticated and delightful. She served as a medical dental surgeon at Kaduna’s St. Gerald Hospital. A friend of the deceased wrote on Twitter, “Dr. Chinelo was making a respectable living at Kaduna’s St Gerald’s Hospital, but she yearned for more and submitted papers to leave this hellhole. Last month, she resigned with the goal of leaving the country on Friday, but then this happened. Why did you choose Nigeria?”

Who killed the doctor?

Terrorists attacked the train on Monday night, killing and injuring a number of people, forcing the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) to suspend service between Abuja and Kaduna. The NRC announced the news in a statement on its Twitter page.

The terrorists killed several people and injured others when it was unclear if more explosive devices were planted inside or outside of their packed passenger coaches; this tragedy is just one example out many across Africa.


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