Who Is Donna-Lee Donaldson Boyfriend? Former ‘876 Roommates’ host remains missing: The news came recently that Donna-Lee Donaldson who is the girlfriend of the constable Noel Maitland is missing. As she is also a social media influencer and missing for more than five days. Her mother registered a missing report for her and she said that she is missing since the 13th of July. People are searching for this news and want to know about her boyfriend and Noel too. So we have gathered some information about this news and we have mentioned it below. If you too want to know more related to this news so you are in a right place. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Donna Lee Donaldson

Who Is Donna-Lee Donalson?

She is a social media influencer and her age is just 24 years old she had entertained people with her entertaining videos. Now, this famous social influencer is missing and his followers and friends came to the street with her photo to ask the Police where is she. People are asking for her and now the police are investigating this case as she is missing since 13th July and an officer said we think she has been murdered by someone.

What Happened With Donna-Lee Donalson?

Her mother Sophia Lugg gave an explanation and said that she didn’t hear from her since the 13th of July and said Noel Maitland took her with him in a BMW t 10:00 pm. They went to his apartment which is located at Chelse Manor in Kingston. Jamaica constable Ms. Cathy Ann loved him and there is a love triangle between them and she denied giving any statement against her said by Deputy commissioner Fitz Biley. The Police found that Noel Maitland was married and have one son and he worked at Half-Way-Tree Police Station. Police also investigate his house but nothing was found at his home.

Who Is Donna-Lee Donaldson Boyfriend?

In his statement, he said that Donna left his house after spending the night with him and in the early morning she left the house around 11 AM. The CCTV footage is also collected for 20 hours when she was at his house and a protest is also going on by her friends and the Police are supporting them and said we have to be calm & keep patience as their team is doing their best to solve this case. Well, the investigation is going on and we will update you when she will be found or if other new updates come from Police. Stay connected with us.


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